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Okay Stupid Trade Idea But Hear Me Out

I Even Bleed Red

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I know I'm asking to be flamed, so bring it on. But gimme a reasonable response.

Roddy White is my favorite player and he's a Falcon for life. Forever. I know we just gave him a contract extension; he deserved every penny, and trust me, I was really happy about it.

We all know we need a dominant pass-rusher to have a legit SB contending team. KC is not giving up Houston for only a 2nd rounder, otherwise TD woulda been all over it. IF Houston agreed to a 2nd round draft pick + Roddy White for Justin Houston, would you consider it??

We just showed that we're pretty deep at WR and Julio is our #1 option. We lost Roddy for tonight and it didn't matter. It's hard to not argue that our overall team would benefit more from gaining Houston than staying with Roddy.

I understand that emotionally we all want Roddy here (and so do I!) but can you gimme a reasonable answer as to why you wouldn't even consider this if it was possible?

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I also called for not pointing out the obvious. Gimme a more thoughtful answer, please.

Roddy is the second best receiver on this team and, more importantly, a leader. The locker room looks up to him and he's a great personality to have around. He has his fun, but he is all business on the field. Morale would suffer immensely if we traded him.

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