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Grade Smitty's Performance


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Loved seeing him keeping his foot on the Bucs throats and going for points before halftime. Also good that Roddy was inactive when he probably could have played. Smitty seems to be improving. One negative is that Kroy is still getting far too much playing time. The pocket seemed to keep collapsing when Mass, Maponga, or Goodman was on the field, causing their QB to either roll out or force an incompletion.

Smitty needs to work on those personnel packages, but other than that a solid showing tonight. Team looked incredible out there.

FInal grade: B+

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4 cap tips. We avoided Smittyball with a big lead for the first time in a long time.

I gave him 4.5 cap tips out of 5. The only downside was were still wasting snaps on biermann. Why the fluck are we wasting snaps on biermann, when maponga and massaqoui showed they can play?

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