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Boy doesn't that post just truly explain this whole freaking board

Falcons Rise Up!

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Bump. Where's the "too conservative" crowd? Hellooooo???

The claim that Smitty "gets conservative" has always been ludicrous. The NFC Championship game, everyone said we "went conservative." Except we lost primarily because the defense couldn't stop anyone and the offense had 2 turnovers on passing plays. We had our foot down, we were just ineffective. Some folks think ineffective is the same as conservative. Sometimes aggressive is ineffective, too.

Same with playcalling. If a play doesn't work, people say the playcall was terrible. Sometimes (often this season, in fact), the right playcall is executed terribly and doesn't work. That doesn't mean it wasn't the right call. It means the players didn't do their job. I can't count the times this preseason and season that we've had defensive players in exactly the right spot to make a play and the whiff on the tackle or get beaten by the person blocking them. That's not bad playcalling. It's just bad play.

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Smitty isn't running the show anymore!

This is the best you can come up with? Smitty NEVER called the plays, he just set the tone for what we do philosophically. And still does. So that means 1 of 2 things:

1) He never was too conservative, just besieged by a bunch of fantasy madden idiots

2) He's willing to bend (not break) his philosophy and learn from his mistakes. Which is what I've always said.

Smitty still believes in fundamental football. Run the ball, stop the run. But he also knows now that in the modern game, when you have a suspect defense and an offense on a roll you have to keep being aggressive.

He's learning and IMPROVING as a head coach. Nobody was Vince Lombardi from day 1. Except Vince. But even he learned from his time in NY as a DC.

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