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The Sound And The Fury: Are Florida And Muschamp Shouting Into The Void?

The Shotfather

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Incredible article. Reminds me of the days when sports journalism still existed instead of a bunch of nerd blowhards posting their Top 5 every week. It's a really long article with graphs and all that good ****, so I'm not gonna try to copy&paste. If you're interested just click the link. If you're a Florida fan, you should definitely read it.


Here's the first couple paragraphs to get you hooked though, lol

Will Muschamp is the most intense coach in college football, and therefore the most consistently entertaining. On the sideline, his filter as a civilized public persona ceases to exist. The parts of Muschamp’s brain that regulate his roles as husband, father, fundraiser, executive, and mentor yield wholly to the id, and the id is insane. He scowls, growls, screams, and bleeds. He rants and raves in full view of the crowds and the cameras, and spews obscenities — at his players, at officials, at reporters, at no one in particular — at such maximum, uncensored volume that they can be clearly audible to viewers at home. His vows to control himself fail utterly. He simmers and explodes, and those of us fortunate enough to observe from a safe distance love every GIF-able second.

Type his name into Google Images and you’ll see the portrait of a man possessed — by rage, by impatience, and most of all by his maddening inability to bend events on the field to his will. Sometimes Muschamp’s antics are easy to dismiss as petulant and ridiculous; sometimes, when he’s at full throttle in the face of a stoic side judge, I imagine him as the embodiment of the tragicomic Everyman raging against the IRS, and the ******* traffic, and all the injustices of an intractable bureaucracy and an indifferent universe at large. (This view is aided immeasurably by his haircut.) Modern man sputters and seeths, because what else can he do?

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