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5 Auburn @ 20 Kansas State Game Thread

The Shotfather

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KSU defense is looking really good, although Coates had 2 steps on the defender and that should have been a huge play they just missed.

Side note: Always been a big fan of KSU's unis for some reason. For a team stuck with purple and silver as their colors, they manage to pull off a simple and clean look.

My HS had the same Wildcat logo as KSU for a few years before KSU made a big stink about it and forced us to change it a little bit so it wouldn't be identical. Our colors are black and gold.

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Finding jealousy from my comment is like Gus wearing that sweater vest, makes no sense.

weagle weagle

Maybe resentment is the proper word.

Just giving you a hard time.

The sweater vest isn't the problem. The under armour turtle neck underneath is.

The sweater vest is bad, but that turtle neck is just . . . come on, Gus.

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