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The Official Bucs At Falcons Thursday Night Football In-Game Thread


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Just found this gem on saintsreport:

That Tampa 2 defense has allowed a 102.7 QB rating despite playing two home games. One was against a backup QB with no receiving core. The other was against a 3rd string rookie QB with no receiving core. They have managed 0 interceptions and only 3 sacks despite playing two teams that have offensive line problems.

They are about to go on the road on a Thursday Night game against the team that has the early lead in passing yards in the NFL.

Go Bucs but I'm afraid I already know the outcome.

PS. How the **** do the Falcons score a home Thursday Night divisional rival game every season while we get stuck with playing a road Thursday Night game against our biggest competition?

Falcons have now had 5 straight home Thursday Night games. Saints have now had 5 straight road Thursday Night games. No other team in the league has gone more than 3 seasons with consecutive road Thursday Night games. In fact, this will be the Saints 8th Thursday Night game since they started playing them on Thursday, 7 of them have been on the road with the only one at home the 2010 game against the Vikings after we won the Super Bowl which the NFL didn't really have a choice to schedule at home.

Then the Falcons will be hosting thier 5th straight Thursday Night game tonight. No other team in the league has ever hosted more than 3 straight. The Falcons will play there 6th Thursday Night game tonight, all of them at home. They've never had a road Thursday Night game.

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