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Expectations For Thursday Night Game


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My expectations? I expect to be subjected to yet another depressing episode of Smittyball. I expect we'll go into the game with the exact same game plan we always use on both sides of the ball. I expect SJax will be the featured RB and will average about 2 or 3 ypc. I expect our passing game will consist mainly of screen passes for a loss of two yards, and check-downs for 3 yards. I expect Ryan to be under a lot of pressure on 3rd down pass plays. I expect the defense to again be as soft and as yielding as duck down. I expect the Bucs offense to be able to move the ball on the ground and in the air. I expect the refs will ensure the Bucs score at least one TD in the first half.

I expect the lead to change hands several times before Ryan rescues Mike Smith's job, at least temporarily, by pulling out a win late in the game. I expect the ho-zombs here will celebrate the win with lavish praise and talk of making the play-offs. I expect the realists will look at the win and proclaim it as just one bad team beating an even worse team, with neither getting within long distance of the play-offs this year. I expect my sentiments, as well as my comments, will fall closely in line with the latter of the two extremes.

Last time the Falcons were healthy, 2012 , they won games by ,16,24, 13, 34 & 13 points, also beat the Saints by 10 points.

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Falcons have played 2 very good passing teams the first two games, not so much this game. Think you'll see a much more effective run D out of the Falcons.

Assuming Matthews plays, Falcon win big. 35-13 big. The big guys up front on the Dline earn their pay this week, McCown can't make them pay for stacking the box.

Aside from a 19 yard scramble by the QB, Buc run game did nothing. Falcons won even bigger than I thought they would.

I expect a loss and a lot of confusion and anarchy on this board tomorrow.

One of us got it right. You're really not good at this predicting thing. You should probably stop trying.

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