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The 1St Two Games So Far Is Reminiscence

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Of this yr preseason games. In the home opener against the Dolphins, Tannehill moved his unit down field with ease with no pressure from the D. Most Falcons fans were concerned. On the other hand Ryan did the same but had to overcome a few penalties. We scored most fans was happy with the results of the starting O. We also won.

1st regular season game. Brees was moving the ball with ease. Still no pressure from the D. Ryan and the Offense had to overcome penalties but we did and we won.

2nd preseason game. Traveled to Houston couldn't get the offense going and the defense was getting ran over.

2nd regular season game. Traveled to Cincinnati and pretty much repeated what we did in Houston.

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Well that probably has to do with the fact that this team is terrible on the road. Our offense is near unstoppable at home but when we're playing away from the dome we don't have the same results. Also you can't forget that Houston and Cincinnati have what we don't and that's a good defense that knows how to blitz.

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