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Matt Bosher Signed 5 Year Deal

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Atlanta Falcons extend punter Matt Bosher

September, 17, 2014

Sep 17



By Vaughn McClure | ESPN.com

Punters often are overlooked in the NFL, but such isn't the case with Matt Bosher.

The Atlanta Falcons appreciate Bosher's ability to have an impact on games, which is why they rewarded him with a contract extension.

The Falcons signed Bosher to a five-year extension through 2019, as reported by ESPN's Field Yates. The deal includes a $2.5 million signing bonus and $5.95 guaranteed.

The Falcons also extended long-snapper Josh Harris through 2018, according to Yates. His deal included a $500,000 signing bonus.

Special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong emphasized Bosher's importance when he addressed the media following the season-opening win against New Orleans. Bosher was ESPN Stats & Information's punter of the week for his performance against the Saints.

"I think the best thing we did was Bosher really doing a good job of controlling the field position with the touchbacks," Armstrong said last week. "And I thought also he did a nice job of hanging the ball on punts. That kind of contained them with fair catches and that type of stuff. When you talk about coverage, we really covered one kick because Bosh was on fire and really did a nice job placing it and hanging it."

Bosher has been consistent since joining the Falcons as a sixth-round draft pick out of Miami (2011).

"He's done a really good job for us," Armstrong said of Bosher. "Very professional; works on it year-round. Tough is the one thing that jumps out with him. When I look for a kicker or punter, I'm looking for a guy that's not a typical kicker, but he's got some toughness to him. And he's got some legitimate toughness to him. He doesn't back down from anybody. That's kind of the guy we were looking for when we got him.

"He does a **** of a job for us on the kickoffs. As you know, he'll go down and cover as well. ...The other thing that nobody ever talks about is he's holding (on field goals), and he never did it before he got here."

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