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Ok Falcon Fans... here is something WE ALL should agree on....,


There are several former Falcons... Fralic, Kenn, Anderson, Dan Reeves, and Chris Hinton who may or may not count to some

We all need to RISE UP and ******* VOTE.

It may not makeaq difference in the end but we need to make our voices heard and some of our overly well deserved guys some serious consideration for the HOF

Tuggle and Nobis are missing from the list but lets not let this stop us from voting.

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Kenn, Tuggle, and Nobis need to be in. If we had a Mt. Rushmore for the franchise those 3 would be on it for sure. The 4th face would be Roddy White or Matt Ryan

No question... I am going to see about a write in.. I beleive it s been tried in the past but that is no reason not to try again... Tuggle , Kenn, Nobis all deserve it more than some guys who have been.

Guys like Fralic and Van Note can be justified but are not overly aggregious like 3 mentioned.

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Kickers/Punters: (5) – Morten Andersen (K), Gary Anderson (K), Jason Elam (K), Sean Landeta (P), Nick Lowery (K). - Morten Anderson is a HOF kicker, no question. In his prime he was a beast (as much as a kicker can be a beast)

I think theres no way the all time leading NFL scorer doesn't make it to the Hall, he has a bunch of other records too. One of these years.

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