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Brutal Schedule, Games 4-10


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After Tampa, our next 7 games includes 5 on the road, 1 in London, leaving only 1 at home. My Lord, that's Brutal!

If there ever was a must win it's this Thursday night!

Its a tough stretch but not a killer. Get one this week and then focus on a Vikings team with issues at QB.

One week at a time. We'll be fine.

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Understood. It just hit me looking at this schedule just how critical this game is Thursday night. I think this team knows this and will come out smoking!

Yep. They'll be back in the Dome and I'm sure they all want to prove they're the team that whipped the Saints, not the team that got cuffed around and dominated by the Bungles.

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At Vikings - tough w/Peterson and outdoors and maybe cold

At NY Giants - they are terrible, actually reasonable win

Bears - at home, which Cutler shows up?

At Ravens - looked good week 2, but bad week 1

Lions (London) - lost to Carolina, no home adv-either side

At Bucs - if we win this week, they may be out by now

At Panthers - Cam at 100%?, not sure win for either side

I see at least 4, maybe 5 wins reasonable here - assuming TB win this week, that would put us at 6-4 / 7-3 with 4 home games remaining.

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