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Remaining Optimistic And Ready To Rumble...


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It was as painful as a toothache to watch our Birds stink it up at Cincy. I won't go on about that game, other than to say that lots of folks seemed to instantly forget all about the game before and the scrappy, determined and talented team that handed the hated sAints a big loss to start the season. And I won't try to sugarcoat the flaws the Falcons suffer from and the thus-far under-achievement of some of our players and coaches as well. But I've been a football fan for too many years to not know a few things:

1. A team can get better, sometimes much better, as a season rolls along. This is fact and has been proven time and time again. The Falcons aren't as bad as they looked Sunday and possibly not as good as they looked the week before. They're probably somewhere in between this early in the season. I'm going to be optimistic (as a personal choice), that they will improve.

2. If you have to stink it up like the Falcons did Sunday, do it early in the season (like the Falcons did Sunday). You don't wanna be playing like that in December, needless to say.

3. You're gonna win some and you're gonna lose some. "Win your home games and split your road games." That's an old recipe for success that always holds true. We only have 3 home games the first half of this season so it's vital that we win the next 2 and pick up at least a couple of road wins.

Folks, I'm not shaking any pom-poms. There's plenty of reasons for concern but there's nothing we can do but be concerned and keep pulling for our boys to Rise Up. Here's to hoping the Falcons take some frustration out on the Bucs Thursday night and send them packing to the cellar at 0-3. I'll be at work and won't get to watch, but I just wanna say; "BRING ON THE BUCS!"


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If this defense is going to improve I have no idea where the help is going to come from. Smitty-Nolan seem determined to keep running washouts like Kroy and Osi out there.

I want to be optimistic. Heck, I used to be called a homer on here quite frequently...but this defense is really bad...I mean REALLY BAD, and I can't get too amped up over a team that has such an obvious flaw.

Will I root for them hard for the remaining 14 games and hope that everything works out? **** yeah!

In my mind and heart do I believe this is anything better than a .500 team? **** no.

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