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Eightyeight's Analysis.


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Gonna be analyzing each drive for you guys and gals. Due to time constraints and the fact that I have quite a few responsibilities, I won't be able to analyze a ton at a time, so I'm going to go drive by drive if that's alright with y'all.

Red indicates a bad performance, and Green indicates a great performance,

Bengals Game, First Drive On Offense:

First play-First down: Steven Jackson Rushes For Two Yards:

Blalock missed his block or this could have gone for a bit more. Notably, Hawley blew his man up, but Lolo struggled with getting push.

Second play-Second down and 8 yards to go:Pass to Roddy for about 8 yards. O-Line held up well here and Roddy made a tight catch.

Third play-First and Ten At The 40: Steven Jackson rush for no gain. Holmes got the block initially but failed to get push, and then lost his man who got Jackson. With a shiftier and quicker back, this play might could have gotten 2-5 yards, but I don’t blame Jackson on this one.

Fourth Play- Second and 9: They brought a blitz here, looks like miscommunication between Asamoah and Hawley. Hawley blocks one guy and Asomoah’s man goes up the middle unblocked. I’m guessing he thought Hawley was going to block him but I’m not sure what happened here. Steven Jackson also barely secured a block. Ryan loses the extra second for the play to develop and is forced to pass to Hester for small gain.

5th Play: False start on Blalock

6th Play- 3rd and 12: They send a 7 man rush, but the line holds up pretty well considering that. Problem is the play call. If Julio runs a curl or intermediate out route instead of a slant, it’s a first down. You have a short route to Harry, an intermediate to Roddy that takes too long to develop considering the 7 man rush, and a deep route to Julio that is covered too well and doesn’t have time for him to get open. Ryan made the right read, it was just not the right play. He throws it to Harry for a short gain. Poor play by Koetter call for the situation results in a punt.

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Bengals First Drive

First Play: Giovanni Bernard up the middle for 10 yards here. Looks like a counter run and we just fell hook line and sinker. The blockers get to the second level on this play, which, if you know anything about football, is not a good thing. Soliai gets completely redirected. We got punk’d here. They blocked right and let a few guys through. But, Bernard went left and they went right, then Bernard had open field with blockers galore. Massaquio could have stopped him at the four but failed to get off his man. Alford also took a bad angle or he could have been taken down around the 6.

Second Play Run to the left for a good gain, about 9 yards:

They were in the 5-2 formation here. The line got penetration, but again, it was in the wrong place. Bartu fails to get off his man in time to fully make the tackle, but Massaquio comes up from behind, after getting FANTASTIC penetration, and makes the tackle. Massaquio did a great job of getting through the line, but got blocked by the FB. Bartu made a good read and diagnosed the play quickly, but he got blocked by the TE just long enough for Bernard to get by him.

Third Play- Tackle for loss in the backfield:

5-2 formation again. Paul Soliai is a monster. He pretty much made this play happen single handedly. He just blew his man up and then body slammed Bernard.

Penalty on Biermann- First down.

Fourth Play-Pass for big gain up the middle:

This was disgusting. Paul Soliai took up a double team. That was good. Tyson Jackson was blocked by one guy, but to his credit he was pushing him back, collapsing the pocket. Biermann was completely useless as a pass rusher. Goodman was slow getting to his man, allowed him to get his feet back and plant, and was then ridden out of the play completely. William Moore missed the tackle to stop it for a short gain, and then Worrilow again missed the tackle. Lowery then took a bad angle and missed the tackle, before Trufant slowed him down enough for Biermann to come up from behind and make the tackle.

Fifth Play: Run up the middle in A gap for short gain. Shembo came up and made the tackle here. Line did its job.

Sixth Play: Pass to Bernard in the flats, but no one is there to stop him so he gets ten yards. Kroy made the tackle here but it appears to just be a poor play call by Nolan with no coverage in the flats.

Seventh Play:

4-3 formation. Outside Toss left, Massaquio makes a good stop here. Line did its job.

Eight Play:

5-2 Formation. Run up the middle for about 8 yards. They ran right between Biermann and Soliai here, and it worked. Soliai did a good job but Biermann completely whiffs on the tackle and then Bartu and WillyMo bring him down. Mostly WillyMo.

Ninth play: The D-line just got pushed back on 3rd and 1 here, just a pathetic effort really.

Tenth play:

Soliai gets a double team again, Biermann is completely useless again, gets completely blown up BY A TIGHT END, Babineaux ALSO takes up a double team. So we have TWO guys going against one man, Jackson and Biermann, one of whom is going against a tight end, and neither of them does anything with it. We had good coverage thankfully, and it resulted in Dalton running outside for a short gain.

Eleventh play:

Incomplete pass, bad throw by Dalton, but decent coverage by Trufant anyway. No pass rush whatsoever, but Massaquio had just gotten around his man and was starting to head towards Dalton and at this point we gotta take what we can get.

Twelth play:

Incomplete pass. Babineaux executes a nice spin move and almost gets to Dalton, but almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Poor throw or McClain may have surrendered a touchdown here. I would also like to note that Worrilow covered his man quite well here.

Thirteenth play:

Bengals settle for field goal.

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Thanks everyone! I try to be as objective as possible but that doesn't always happen.tongue.png

Falcons Second Drive:

First play: Matt throws it short to Lolo for about 5 yards. Offensive line held up pretty well here.

Second play: Steven Jackson runs right and cuts it back for about 4 yards. The line didn’t get a lot of push here but Jackson did an okay job with what he had.

Third play:

Line holds up relatively well. Short pass to Quizz falls short of the first, but Julio gets held quite blatantly. First down Falcons. If Julio isn’t held, it’s probably a long touchdown.

Fourth play:

For some reason Harry Douglas is supposed to block a lineman momentarily, which as you can imagine goes terribly. However, thanks to good blocking by the interior of the line, Ryan is able to evade pressure and run up the middle for a first. Joe Hawley pats Matt Ryan on the butt post-play. Just thought that was worth mentioning.

Fifth play: Quizz runs up the middle for about 3 yards. The line didn’t excel here, but they performed decently. Think there were more yards to be had on this play. Holmes did lose his man, so he loses points for that. Dimarco did a really great job of lead blocking though.

Sixth play:

Really good blocking by Carimi, Lolo, and Hawley. Quizz also bowled over some fools here. Nine yard gain.

Seventh play:

Draw play to S-Jax for about 2 yards. This is where his age hurts. If he’s younger, he takes it to the outside and we get about 10 yards at least on this play. Freeman or Smith probably would have been better choices for this play.

Eighth Play:

BLITZ! Matt throws it to Harry who gets drilled. Hester may have been a better option here but he was to Matt’s left, and there was a big old Bengal in his face on the left. Can’t fault Harry for dropping this one, as much crap as I give him, he had a right to drop it this time.

Ninth Play:

Asamoah gets pushed back into Matt’s face, and Julio drops the pass but he was covered like a snuggie. Probably wouldn’t have been a first down anyway. Matt just had to get it out before he got trucked by Asomoah who got completely manhandled. It seems like Harry was open for the first down here, but I don’t have coaches film so I can’t say for sure. He may have been covered before Matt actually threw it. Either way, they were forced to kick a field goal.

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Bengals Second Drive:

First Play:

Deeep pass on a fake. Trufant and Lowery were there, they just failed to play the ball. Almost similar to DeCoud last year, makes me question the DB coach a bit.

Second Play:

Run up the middle for short gain. Babineaux shed his blocker fantastically and could have stopped it for no gain, but completely whiffed on the tackle. Lowery came in and made a great tackle though, to stop it for a short gain.

Third Play:

Bernard bounces a run outside for a short gain, but picks up a first down. The linemen did their jobs here, but the linebackers and safeties failed to do their job in run support or this could have been a run for a loss. Good job by Bernard though, have to give credit where credit is due.

Fourth play:

We sent a blitz here and actually got pressure, but Dalton got the ball out before we could get the sack. Lowery did a phenomenal job in coverage here.

Fifth play: Field goal.

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Falcons offense third drive:

First play: Screen to Antone for about 4 yards. Don’t really know what happened here but there were three Bengals and one blocker. You do the math. Seemed like Tone may have made the wrong read and gone right when he should have cut left, but I’m not sure.

Second play:

Play action screen to Julio, again only one blocker in front of him, and it’s Harry, who does the best he can but there’s not much to be had here. Seems like a poor play design to me, but what do I know?

Third play: Pass, with a blitz that’s picked up pretty well, but Holmes gets dominated and lets Ryan’s arm get hit while he’s throwing, resulting in an incomplete pass. Then Blalock decided to try to double team someone with Hawley, which let Burflict right up the middle to drill Ryan, so he was getting destroyed from his right and in his face. Asomoah, Hawley, Carimi, and Toilolo did an okay job here.

3 and out.

Blalock and Holmes are currently our worst offensive linemen at -3, which is surprising as Holmes looked much improved during preseason. I haven't analyzed the Saints game yet so perhaps he performed better there. Blalock is worrisome. I'm thinking we might should have taken David Yankey instead of one of the LBers.

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