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The Official Mike Smith Wtf Moments Of The Week


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Smitty was in fine form this week :)

- 2nd and 11, 44 seconds to go on CIN 43 yard line, with Bengals having one TO left. Bengals run play get stuffed and they seem to be willing to let the clock run out instead of using their last TO, but wait!! Smitty helps his buddy Marvin out by calling a timeout!! Next play, CIN completes a 26 yard pass to ATL 32 yard line. Luckily they commit a holding penalty on the next play that takes them to a 55 yard missed FG.

- with 6:28 left in the 3rd quarter and 21 points down, you would think we'll come out with some urgency. Nope, we run Rodgers three straight times and take 2 full minutes off the clock for a grand total of 11 yards, but at least we showed those mofos we can run on them. On the drive we call 6 running plays (one negated by penalty), have one QB scramble, and attempt 4 passes.

- Smitty finally shows some urgency with 42 seconds left in the game and 14 points down by keeping Ryan exposed to ferocious hits, just to prove the point that we are a team that will never give up and will never play scared.

Add yours!

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Guest Negatorris

Arthurt Blank loves watching it too. As long as he's making money it seems as if he doesn't grow tired of the same old sh*t from ole' Smitty year in and year out. Embrace it guys, we're in for some more head scratching games later down the road.

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