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My Thoughts From The Game Today


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Not all of the pressures and sacks were on the Oline. There were 3 or 4 time where Matt Ryan had a good pocket to throw but none of our WRs got open so Matt had to take a sack.

Also, Julio dropped a long TD in the 1st quarter that could of put us ahead 10-3.

Everybody knows Holmes got bullied, but surprisingly Gabe Carimi held his own. Once Jake "from State Farm" Matthew comes back he should replace Holmes.

I really think we have something in Carimi. A line of "Carimi - Blalock - Hawley - Asamoah - Matthew" could surprise a lot of people in my opinion.

The biggest problem today was our offense could never get into rhythm.

There were a lot of footing problem on our offensive players that affected our ability to keep the drives going and ultimately hurt our rhythm to offense. In one incident that Matt had an open receiver to convert a 3rd down but he slipped, and couldnt convert that 3rd down.

We left a lot of points on the board. Matt's interception at the end of the 3rd quarter and Julio's TD drop passed could of gave us 14 points.


Kroy Biermann is not in anyway a pass rusher, he's decent with setting the edge and forced the RB to cut back inside. But thats about it.

Our Dline could not win any one on one battle. Its almost embarrassing to see our DEs get man handle by their Tackles. Biermann looks childish when he tries to rush the passer.

Trufant had another good game. The Bengals quickly figured out he is the real deal in the second quarter.

Our run defense is good. A lot of the yardage came from running outside.

We did good in redzone defense hold them down to 4 FGs.

Goodman as a DT collapsed the pockets on some 3rd downs. But again nothing from our DEs.

Babineaux is still Babineaux, he's our best lineman.

Special Teams:

Hester gave us good field possession all game long but we couldn't take advantage of it.

People said we got whooped in all 3 phases of the game but it was more of our Offense and Defense got out played. Our Special team didn't win us the game but didn't lose the game either. If anything the Bengals missed 3 of their FG. So we could say that our special team out played theirs, but that just dont mean sh1t.

Over all, yes the game was ugly, but it wasnt as bad as this board making it seems to be. We played bad, but I think our mistakes are adjustable. Like i said, once Matthews comes back he should replace Holmes and Matt Ryan will have a decent Oline to play with.

The sky is not falling folks. Its a long season and i think we will be fine.

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Carimi is not staying at LT when Jake comes back.....

The line wil be -

Matthews -- Blalock -- Hawley -- Asamoah -- Carimi

But since he's holding on his own at LT, why would they move him to RT? Its like the old saying "dont fix it if it's not broken".

He went against two of the league best Dline and were serviceable.

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