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What Do You Expect ?


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Every team loses. It happens. Every team has an off game. You guys act like a bunch of twelve year olds who aren't getting their way. Seriously. This football team is a good one. We got out played today and I concede that but you guys act as if the season is already over. It's getting kind of irritating to be honest to scroll on the forum and all I see are posts talking junk about the squad. A lot of people are prematurely dissing the team. Bengals are a **** good football team and they were AT HOME. Even good teams lose on the road. Saints are not a bad team for losing to the Browns. It just shows how hard it is to win on the road.

Seriously guys, I think we come out blazing against the Buccaneers. I really feel it.

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Bad Days, No Pass Rush, Off Games, excuses don't cover bad football. From Dummytroff down to the ballboys, this team is mis-managed.

Top Receivers in the NFL and we had less than 100 TOTAL yards in the First Half?

No heart, no Fire, no Eye of the Tiger. This is the mentality of a Soft Coach.

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