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Facts About The Game.


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Gameplan was clear, small ball. We wanted to run the rock but hit those quick short routes to bring that defense up and hit them deep.

Problem, Bengals played very good defense, made plays and we didn't execute nearly enough. We saw one drive where we took the deep shot to Julio but couldn't connect. That was our gameplan and we only got one chance at it and didn't come through.

Oline struggled but there was times they held up well. Our WR's were covered well also. My only issue here is with small ball gameplan there's a lot more reading and dissecting needing to be done. Matt can't control looks as much and when the oline couldn't handle the pressure and Matt is still trying to read and dissect and just wasn't going to happen.

Defense got pushed around vs the run. Kroy is not a starter at this point. He's been a huge disappointment.

Bengals hit that timely play for the TD vs the blitz, good blitz, Robert is right there, has to knock that ball down.

Matt was also off today. And with the score the way it was and the two punts by the bengals late that pinned us deep, you kinda knew that's how the day was gonna go.

Overall bad gameplan and bad execution and we got beat soundly.

Tru was great again, but got a division game at home on a short week. Got to find a way.

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