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What Can Logically Be Improved For The Tampa Bay Game?


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There is no logical way we could acquire a great pass rusher or change QB's or hire a new head coach/GM before Thursday but I challenge serious fans to actually list what changes could be made to improve this team before Thursday:

My suggested changes:

1) Give up on running the ball up the middle almost every 1st play after we get the ball. Every other team always expects it and we rarely get more than 2 yards from it. It is just like giving up a down.

2) We have to try throwing the ball down the field at least more than once early in the game. Julio almost caught the one to the end zone. Even if our success is only 50% on those, think of the rewards.

3) We have got to start benching defensive lineman such as Biermann when it is apparent that they are not having any success with their rush in a game. We have plenty of defensive lineman available (including inactives) - I would rather see them all have bad games than just a few of them.

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