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How Long Will It Take For Goodell To Cave To The Media Pressure And Ban Hardy?

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  1. 1. How long will it take Goodell to cave to media pressure and ban Hardy?

    • within 2-3 days
    • within 1 week
    • within 2 weeks
    • within 3 weeks
    • within 1 month
    • He won't cave
    • Richardson caves first

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This isn't a thread about whether you think Hardy should or should not be cut or released or about the case itself.. we already have a thread in RC debating all that..

This is a thread trying to predict when/if Goodell will cower again to the media.

What we do know so far..

The media has been adding a ton of pressure...they want Hardy's head on a pike. They are tearing apart Richardson...almost to the extent that they have tore apart Goodell. Richardson has already implied that he would basically let it play out with the Jury Trial.

Goodell has been somewhat silent on the matter.

Goodell had a kneejerk reaction and cowered to the media when he immediately banned Rice indefinitely. after the tape was released of an incident that Rice already said he did, months in advance..


How much longer will Goodell stand firm?

Will Richardson stand firm?

Odds that both will stand firm, until it all plays out?

Again.. save the actual talk of Hardy's misdemeanor for the other thread, please. Not sure we need two threads bickering back and forth whether we think he did this or that.

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There's no visual evidence. No video of him knocking her da fug out and no photos of week old open wounds.

Carolina will luck out and he'll play until after his appeal, which his lawyer will push back as much as possible.

There is however a 911 tape coming at a time when everyone is tuned in

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I'm not saying it's worse dudes, point those >>>s somewhere else.

What I am saying is it's bad that it exists, particularly at this moment. Look, I want to sit back and enjoy this season EVEN MORE than you guys do, but this ish ain't just getting swept under the rug.

Yeah I agree. This is been a bad week for the league as a whole. I just hope the rest of the season is good as far as off the field problems.

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Audio tape? You mean the one where Hardy called the police himself and is seemingly trying his best to stay away from Holder?

I'm sorry, but from everything I've heard/read/etc that whole incident doesn't add up if you've actually followed it with the evidence provided and pretty much amounts to a bunch of he-said-she-said crap between a couple's dispute right after a break up. The girl was admittedly jacked up on cocaine at the time and has flip flopped on her story so many times I lost count. The other audio tape is some random girl from outside, who wasn't even in the room just speculating what's going on from hearing Holder screaming (which could've just as been her going off). Going by the court transcript along with a few other things she's seems to have a dash of crazy herself, and a bit of a gold digger to boot (the Nelly thing).

Hardy's trial is still ongoing, and he was **** near going to automatically be found guilty in the initial judge hearing regardless so it could be postponed to a jury trial. That's how d*mn near every domestic violence case goes in North Carolina.

The media is just forming a lynch mob to strike the iron while it's hot by relating the Hardy case to the Ray Rice one. I haven't seen a single analyst or head figure that actually seems to even know a **** thing about the trial other than "Greg Hardy domestic violence". By all means, if he's actually found guilty ban his *** from the league. I don't respect a woman beater in the slightest. But let him have his day in court, or lest set a precedent where every time a woman accuses an athlete of something it automatically ends his career. They'd have so much power over a professional athlete if that were the case it isn't even funny.

Seriously, just a question to ponder with all this... but do you think if 6'5" 300 lb. Greg Hardy "beat" Holder to the extent she said that she'd have more than a couple of light bruises around her shoulder and arm areas (more akin to being restrained)? You seen what 5'8" Ray Rice did to a woman that was actually relatively close to his size (actually a little taller).

Just doesn't quite add up to me until there's some more evidence.

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