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Braves @ Rangers


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I stopped watching early when they had the bases loaded with no outs

and only scored 1 run on an out!.

I honestly feel sorry for Wood. This is a good young pitcher and all this

1 or 0 runs has to mess with his head some.

All the other teams involved in the wild-card won last night; the Bravos took

a huge step backwards.

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"We review...

all the fears and anxiety

...which are so

inherently symptomatic...

...of a losing team.

The mind is a strange thing, men.

We must begin by asking it...

..."What is losing?"

Losing is a disease...

...as contagious as polio.

Losing is a disease...

...as contagious as syphilis.

Losing is a disease...

...as contagious as bubonic plague...

... attacking one...

... but infecting all.

Ah, but curable.

Now, I want you to imagine...

...you are on a ship at sea...

...on a vast...

...calm ocean...

...gently rocking.

Gently rocking.

Gently rocking.

Gently rocking."

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