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If Ryan Is As Mobile Against The Bengals....we Win!

Theyhateme : )

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When QBs can show that they can move around in the pocket, as Ryan did, plays get extended which creates an opportunity for completions that we wouldn't get otherwise. Also, Ryan was getting the ball out much quicker than in previous years. I've heard here on the board about the lack of time he has/had, but I'd like to point to the JJ play, the one near the goal line that he hung on to, when Ryan had the ball out long before JJ made his cut...and he did, the ball hit him perfectly in the hands. It was beautiful!

Can Ryan be as mobile in this game? I sure hope so, because that's what it's going to take for us to win. No more standing around in the pocket, staring down receivers and forcing the ball into traffic. When Ryan moves around, things open up down field.

Something clicked this off season, let's hope the switch stays on.

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Think it was the most consistent pocket Ryan has had since 08. Don't recall ever hearing " Ryan steps up in the pocket" as often in 1 game as last week.

Yeah..very consistent and we sorta knew it would be....but it wasn't just the stepping up into the pocket...it was his whole "mobility" style of play that was "leaps and bounds" in my opinion. He was looking like Rodgers and Steve Young as it relates to throwing on the move.
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