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Worst Steelers V Ravens Game Ever


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This was supposed to be one of the biggest hard nosed and physical games of the year. But every time someone made a good hit, the refs threw a flag for unnecessary roughness. And then some high-pitched voice officiating guru came on the broadcast to explain why these were such great calls....

I have a huge problem with flagging the hit on Steve Smith at the goal line. Are they supposed to just let him catch the ball for a TD? It was not a blatant head shot. The defender led with his shoulder and hit Steve Smith's side before sliding up towards his helmet. Instead of 3rd and goal, the penalty made it 1st and goal.

Bottom line is these penalties are ruining football. We will still watch, but it is not as exciting and the game is being watered down like basketball. At the very least, these stupid calls need to be reviewable.

Between these flags and having to watch kickoffs that don't even land in the end zone anymore, it's just a shame the way our overly-protective society is now tightening its tentacles on the sport of football. People don't seem to realize that we're all going to die here, no matter how much we insist on being protected and coddled. Grown men don't need to be protected from themselves, especially at the level of whether a football hit is too violent or not. It's always been less dangerous than something like boxing or the UFC to begin with. Removing the excitement from the game in the name of "safety" is just plain dumb.

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