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What Did You Do When Antone Scored?

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I jumped in the air and busted my hand on the ceiling fan going full blast................. it was worth it

Same thing happened when Bobby Mac picked of stain face..........

And the awesome effort by Freeman on the thrid down bolwing over of saint defenders.

Moral of the story is here kids, when you watch a falcons game.............. make sure the ceiling fan is off.;

Lol. Been there done that.

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Of course every time someone makes a big play it gets loud in my house.....my wife and her friend were in my bedroom watching vampire diaries or some crap..... At the end of the game after Bryant makes the game winner me and the kids go running into the bedroom to "get on her nerves" only to look at the tv and see them watching the end of the game. I pointed my finger at the tv and said AHA! CAUGHT YOU! Now you can't make any remarks about me watching the game because I just caught you and your friend watching it. So now she and her friend will be forced to watch every second of the games. On the other hand part of the agreement was that I would have to suffer through 5 seasons of vampire diaries. But anything for my FALCONS! Pray for me...

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