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Defense Over/under

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Will our defense allow under or over 350+ passing yards and 21 points on Sunday to Cincy.

Our offense will put up points, but our defense just might cost us the game if they play like they did last week. Do you think they step up a bit this week or what?

Under. Way under. Gritz Blitz style shutout, in fact. 8 sacks, 5 TFL, 4 fumbles, 4 INTs, less than 110 yards total offense.

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Gotta stop Giovanni Bernard and AJ Green (assuming he plays). If we do that I'm not overly concerned about anyone else. We will score as long as Matt has time and the blitz we all know is coming doesn't affect him. I've been saying for years that Matt Ryan was one of the best QBs in the league. Outside of the big 4, there might not be anyone better. He's outplayed some of the big 4 too.

I think he is finally coming into his own as a passer and leader. He's got command of his team and knows the offense. Now that he has multiple receivers and receiving backs it's gonna be hard to completely shut the Falcons offense down. As long as the O-Line can continue to play well we will have an explosive offense.

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