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Greg Hardy Likely To Miss Falcons Game


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Greg Hardy's appeal of his second domestic violence conviction is pending. Hence the League's disipline is pending. The trial was a bench trial and now Hardy is requesting a jury trial. I wonder how long that will delay the inevitable. If they deny his request speedily and the League acts swiftly his suspension could be served before we face the Panthers in 9 weeks. The second time we play will be six weeks later in the last game of the season. League policy, llike our OL, seems to be in flux. Timing could be interesting.

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"Likely" to miss the Falcons game? rolleyes.gif

likely to miss a Falcons game, next year if not this.

the NFL just suspended Rice without a conviction...

The judicial process had done all that it was going to do before the League acted.

Maybe hidden footage of Hardy will occur too rolleyes.gif

She says he struck her, locked her in the bathroom, let her out and threw her onto the bed atop a pile of assault weapons with any one of which he claimed he could kill her.

His lawyer submitted a tape of a call from Greg in which he claims he is trying to evade his wife who is pursuing him and threatening him with a high heel.

This is dimly heard hearsay but the story has everything TMZ could want.

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pro athletes seem to always get court dates scheduled in their offseason

It isn't hard to schedule court dates, especially appeals, a long way out.

Rice settled so he couldn't be convicted, He had to participate in some kind of first time offenders program. He essentially plead guilty.

Pre-trial diversion is like a guilty plea, but the matter is still technically pending. Generally if he doesn't screw up during whatever court ordered period he has been given, the judge will go back and withdraw his original guilty plea and dismiss the case. Technically he didn't plead guilty, but for the eyes of the NFL, it was enough.

Now why Hardy isn't banned, after being found guilty at trial is beyond me. Yes there is an appeal, but Vick's lawyer had some procedural appeals I think after Vick took his plea, and punishment was still issued by the NFL.

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