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Rival Central Week 2 Eliminator Thread


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You all know the rules. pick must be before kickoff of the game you are picking. cannot pick a team you already picked.

survivors and previous picks:

Joremarid - Eagles (whew)

WFW - Steelers

BadBob - Texans

treefiddy - Panthers

BayouBengals - Jets

SuperSK - Eagles

RedBarron - Jets

Tuggle2 - Falcons

mvcrook - Eagles

Xyfiel - Lions

SYcoLA - Falcons

ATLien404 - Falcons

meezy - Eagles

Retro Roq - Falcons

Dat Fishing guy - Eagles

Da Bird is Da Word - Falcons

Bart2Ryan - J-E-T-S

Week 1 as usual was a blood bath. Just for fun, im considering starting another Eliminator game, same rules as this except you have to pick the team to lose instead of win. Would y'all be interested in that?

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