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Espn Reporter Mcclure Doesn't Expect Lt Jake Matthews To Play

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ESPN Falcons reporter Vaughn McClure does not expect Falcons LT Jake Matthews (ankle) to play in Week 2 at Cincinnati.

Matt Ryan owners are riding high after his Week 1, but there's a good chance Gabe Carimi will be his blind-side "protector" with Lamar Holmes at right tackle in this tough road matchup. In the tweet below, McClure likens Matthews' injury to Roddy White's in 2013. White had a high ankle sprain, tried to play through it, couldn't effectively, and had to shut it down for multiple weeks.

Source: Vaughn McClure on Twitter

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But Roddy had a High Ankle sprain and was basically ruled out for a few weeks he try to come back early and made it worse.

Mathews isn't a high ankle sprain other wise theres noway her even be considered to play this week.

He's also 22 and Roddy was 30+ so Mathews likely heals faster.

I think Mathews could play but I could see them holding him out sense it will be a short week. Because it looked like he was pissed because he couldn't go back in. If he feels good let him play he's a young guy Roddy is well into his 30s now so its easy to see a guy like that could make it worse coming back to early.

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I'd maybe dress Matthews and Schraeder, and let Matthews back up, and only play him in case of disaster.

Having the backups perform really helps us sit him and get him healthy.

That would be dumb

Why would you dress him and possibly play him only if others get injured? If your willing to play him and he feels good enough to play you mine as well start him.

Is probably 50/50 he plays if it's up to him he'll be playing Sunday its interesting because they'll probably ask him how he feels and if he wants to play he'll say I feel 100%.

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The reality is that Matthews could have a high ankle sprain that will keep him out 6 or 7 weeks, and Mike Smith would still be telling us he is questionable and coming along fine and a game time decision.

Well in this case the MRI was negative and sprains will show up on an MRI so Matthews did not have a high ankle sprain.

So the reality is he is day to day and will be a game time decision.

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Holmes would have been at RT regardless of Jake's injury. Not sure why McClure mentioned that like it's related.

At this point in the season, there's no sense taking the risk of prolonging Jake's injury. Let Carimi do what we're paying him to do. I just hope he doesn't get Matt killed.

Holmes and Carimi most likely would have rotated in and out similar to what the plan was last week before Jakes injury. I'd guess he mentioned Holmes at RT just as part of the dialogue.

as for those wanting to rush Jake back, why would you even risk him being hurt more? there's plenty of evidence to prove coming back too quickly on a bad ankle just makes it worse and makes it take longer to heal. If he needs to rest, I have no problem with it, give him the two games off next week and let him come back at full strength for the rest of the season instead of having him 80% for the rest of the year.

yeah he's young, but he's also in his first year and everyone knows (or should know) rookies haven't really had an 'offseason' with pro days, combines, the draft rookie camps, ota's, etc etc etc........young or not they need some time to rest

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The report on the MRI, which could have come from anywhere, doesn't even say there is no sprain. It says there is "no significant damage". That could mean anything. We just don't know. We might think we know, but we don't.

Yeah. If Matthews is listed as 'questionable' my money is on the high ankle sprain.... which I really hope isn't the case.

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