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An Active Corey Peters, Can Help Our D-Line.


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Looking at the geme, I think ou biggest problem is still the front seven. They weren't able to put enough pressure on Brees.

Soliai did a nice job and so did Babs. But Jacskon, Osi, Biermann struggled a lot. I think they should give Mass, Hageman and Goodman some more reps - they bring a lot to the table..

You know, completely forgot about him. Good point. If he's ready to rock and can play to form, that'll give us significantly more push up front in the middle.

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An Edge rusher will help the Falcons D. Cory Peters isn't an edge rusher.

ANY rusher will help the Falcons D. Every little bit helps. If Peters gets push up the middle, it collapses the pocket and forces the QB to move around, which is to our advantage. Not everyone is Brees, who makes chicken salad out of chicken sh*t just about every time he has to scramble.

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