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Emotional Let Down?


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It very well could be but let's not forget something.

This was the team that came in last preseason and pushed the Falcons around. That was the first indicator that we weren't going to be as good as we thought we were.

Hopefully the coaches will remind the team about this if they forget.

If they want to prove last year was a fluke what better way than to beat the team that pushed you around last season.

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IF the Falcons were going to have a flat game, this could easily be it. You know the players were focused on winning the season opener vs the Saints. And it was a thrilling comeback, just the kind of game that can be emotionally draining. To have to follow that up with a road game vs a playoff team is tough.

But i'm more concerned that this will be an 'emotionally up' game for Cincy - they beat a division rival on the road and are playing in their home opener. Any flatness they may have had will likely be offset by the energy from the home crowd.

If the Falcons can win this game, a fast start is very possible - Tampa at home should be a win, the Giants looked like crud, and the Bears lost at home to the Bills. Even if the Vikes are for real, a 5-1 start would be within reach.

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One of the advantages of not having a cheerleader for a coach is the ability to keep the team on an even keel.

It's nice to have a coach concerned with the business at hand. Everybody knows the rules and what's expected of them.

I don't know if "no hookers the night before the superbowl" is a smitty rule or not, but somebody in the fo should post it somewhere.

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