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So Someone Explain To Me Why I Should Or Shouldn't Be Worried About Cincy?

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There are always reasons to worry. No win is automatic. That said, there's plenty of reason to be optimistic as well.

Well I know that much but I honestly draw a blank when it comes to the Bengals. The three names that come to mind are Dalton, Green and Lewis. Other than that the only thing I really remember about them is their players used to stay in trouble with the law a lot.
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Really great front 7 on defense...(better than the Saints IMO)...their cornerbacks can be had though.

Take away A.J. Green though and their offense doesn't stack up with ours. Ryan is better than Dalton...

Overall though Cincy is a very, very good football team.

Falcons will have their hands full.

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1. Cincy's defense is much stronger than the Saints' defense.

2. AJ Green is legit.

3. They are underrated and solid.

That said, the Falcons' offense is higher octane. AJ Green can be boxed up with two defenders all game, making their offense much more vanilla. And Dalton can be rattled. Of course, that means the Falcons must generate a pass rush.

Coaching - Advantage Falcons

QB - Advantage Falcons

WRs - Advantage Falcons

RBs - Advantage Falcons

OL - Advantage Cincinnati

DL - Advantage Cincinnati

LB - Advantage Cincinnati

DBs - Push

STs - Advantage Falcons

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Why worry? The Bungles lead the all-time series 7-5. We're on the road. They have a solid defense. AJ Green.

Why not worry? We beat them last three times that we've played. They're wearing road whites at home and traditionally play poorly at home in white jerseys. We're playing outdoors in September instead of December. Matt Ryan.

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I wouldn't say they were under rated in fact most posters seem to be over rating them a tad bit imo. I see them as an average to above average team. They play in a very watered down conference in a division that's been in a decline the past couple of years. They have an average quarterback and a stud WR with a second year back. They managed only one touchdown against a suspect Baltimore team and blew a 15-0 lead. Their defense is good-great but they couldn't contain an aging Steve Smith and gave up 70 yards to a 3rd string running back. Atkins did not look like his usually dominate self and Burfict is battling a concussion. Even on the road I feel like this is a team we can beat

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It's their home opener, and they just beat down a division rival on the road, where they haven't won much. If we opened on the road and beat down the Saints, would you want to come to the dome and play us? Like other posters have said, they've got a mean defensive front and one of the best wr's in the league. I'm not convinced their defense is going to be able to maintain its intensity with Zimmer gone and the injury concerns. Ryan's quick realse and the sheer number of playmakers we have on O could be the difference.

They've got a lot to prove, but so do we.

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