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Of all of the games you have been to, where do you rank this all time? For me, I have it at #3. Only 2 I place ahead are the NFC Divisional Playoff in '98 vs the 49ers, and the NFC Divisional Playoff vs the Seahawks 2 years ago. This was my favorite regular season game I've attended. I will admit, I didn't see the last 2 FGs. I took a knee in front of my seat and looked away, awaiting the crowd reaction. I've had a lot of personal struggles lately, and this win was a nice pick-me-up. So, where does this game rank on you all-time list?

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Geez, that's a tough question. I've been to so many games over the past 40+ years.

I will say it's definitely a top 10. The emotional roller coaster - the feeling in the Dome and outside the Dome was electric and tense and loose all at the same time.

The giddiness and elation was enough to overcome the emotional exhaustion after the game.

This game ran the gambit (as so many have against our arch rival)

I can't think of any game this year that could top it - except maybe one in December, but we'll see!

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HIGH on the list. I think what was really great, is that the Falcons have been more than known for imploding late in games over the last few years. They could have easily done that in this one, but they did NOT. Absolutely great game.

My #1 would still have to be the Andersen's kick into the SB against the Vikings, though. I cried when that happened.

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