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The Rbbc


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Traditionally, the RBBC doesn't have much to offer in terms of overall production. However, if ATL can continue to get production out of its 4 guys, like they did yesterday, I say screw having a feature back. They have a group of guys that look like they can do it all. None of them are scared of contact, they hit their holes with force, and all kept driving their feet until the whistle was blown.

I liked Turner when he was around, but that group of guys all seem to be running with something to prove. If the OL stays healthy and continues to progress as the season passes, our offense could be something to behold.


Unlikely, but maybe....


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At first I wondered what "set the tempo" meant but after seeing game one, it means Steven Jackson breaking down the defensive front and then our smaller backs coming in and doing their 1,2 step, catch out the backfield, screen plays.

We don't want these smaller guys that will be the future of our RB position getting beat up when that's what SJ is for. He lays the ground work

So i believe the key to this RBBC Is Steven Jackson getting ~50% of the carries so that he can "set the tempo"

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