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I Was Wrong I Admit It!


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I blasted Falcons for being on HK this season. It went against everything i believe in. I was passionate for years of them staying out the media eye`s and crossfire after the Vick stuff. I wanted us to be just like the Pats and say nothing except the political right stuff when asked. No more bones for the media.

But personally my biggest questions with the falcons was as much the talent but was the coaching depth. Line coaches especially.

Hard knox gave us some insight on those guys we probably wouldn't have ever seen with out HK. Now we can see how much improvement the players are making. Thats not only a reflection of those players but also the coaching of them.

Week 4 of HK was epic and all of season is probably the best falcon related thing i saw (not withstanding charity stuff like ice buckets etc...).

But we got to see how much the coaches really did care not only about their jobs but about the players. They went out there way to try and get them in a position to succeed. Also helped them mature and grow as a person and provide a life long experience.

But what we saw most is what carried onto the field sunday. the final results of that work from the coaches and players. Not to play tougher and be dirty or take cheap shots. But to not be pushed around and stand by your team mates with passion and not give up on yourself or the guy standing next to you.

So i have to say HK was a falcon experience i was total wrong about. We did survive it without being a distraction or having players become actors. we kept our focus and it did give us insight into players and coaches we arent likely to see on any sunday.

We are fast to blame HC, DC, OC but there is many other coaches that have to do their jobs and we needed to see how they do that job as much as we saw the players.

No doubt our new coaching we added in the offseason cares and will probably be our biggest offseason additions. The players can only go as far as the coaches will take them so it starts with coaching. Cox reminds me of the guy from the movie Waiters. he is a smooth playa. I could watch a season of hk of just him.

But to wrap up. I was wrong, i admit it. For rival fans. I have nothing to say as far as why you should not support your team being on HK unless your FO and coaches cant handle the cameras and you have off feild drama like that ray rice crap. Then HK might not be a good fit for your team. Because that will expose your team to the world and then justice will get survived! Your players wont survive that media and fan backlash and rightfully for once so.

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