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High Ankle Sprain With Matthews.............not Good News At All

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if it was severe he wouldn't have been standing on the sidelines at all. coming out of the locker room to start the half he went through a warm up on the sidelines to see if he could go. that tells me it is not a sever sprain.

roddy last year had a severe sprain. this shouldn't be as bad considering his ability to stand all half with helmet in hand.

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I think Roddy's first injury last season was a high ankle sprain and that took several weeks to heal. for such a big guy like Matthews I think it's probably better if he lets it heal completely instead of risking further injury from trying to come back too soon

Yeah, if you think of the massive forces against his ankle area on EVERY play as he plants his feet and resists Bull rushes over and over. If not COMPLETELY healed it will go back to square one with pain and may do even more ligament damage..............serious damage.

Hope it's very minor. Should know in a very few days time.

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From my experience with high ankle sprains I wouldn't really read too much into him walking on his own during the game. He'll be able to walk around and feel tension but will feel fine, which is why a lot of players try to rush back.

Unfortunately these injuries are really easy to retweak. Play the safe route and let him come back week 4 vs the vikes

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Some bad news...week 3 is a Thursday night game. So if he misses week 2 he probably misses week 3 as well.

If it's any kind of sprain we're looking at a week 4 return at the earliest I think.

yeah we actually have 2 games next week, sunday and thursday. if he misses sunday, he could play some thursday, just to see, and if he's not ready, he would then have 10 days off

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From the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society:

What are treatment options?

The goals of treatment are to have the tibia and fibula located in the correct position with respect to each other and to heal in that position. It is very important to note that these injuries can take a lot longer than typical ankle sprains to heal. If you have a sprain but do not have a broken bone, the treatment immediately following the injury is to rest the leg, ice for 20 minutes every two to three hours, gently compress the leg with an ACE wrap, and elevate the leg with the toes higher than the nose. You may have enough tenderness to require a removable walking boot. Aggressive therapy when weight bearing is possible is very important. This includes strengthening those tendons on the outside of the ankle called the peroneals.

It usually takes six weeks or more to return to play, but can sometimes take even longer. One good indication that you are ready to go back to sports is if you can hop on the foot 15 times. This hopping test is acceptable if there is no obvious widening between the tibia and the fibula on X-rays. If there is widening, which is called diastasis, or if there is a broken bone, surgery is often needed.

How long is the recovery?

As mentioned above, the recovery for high ankle sprains can take considerably longer than typical ankle sprains. In fact, it can take six to seven weeks before athletes return to play. In those cases in which a separation of the tibia and fibula or fracture has occurred and surgery is necessary, patients will likely need to be nonweightbearing in a cast followed by a walking boot for about 12 weeks.

Outcomes are generally good if the injury is recognized and treated appropriately. It is more likely, however, to have some stiffness of the ankle after a high ankle sprain as compared to a standard ankle sprain. This is especially true if a fracture has occurred.

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