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My Thoughts On The Saints


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Great game.

Before I start with the praise, I'm going to say 1 thing that will be dismissed as BS. I feel it to be true of the game, yet it isn't the Saints' fault at all: That officiating was horrible all game. They seemed to have a hard on against us all game.

Now, on to the Saints.

1) Brandin F'in Cooks. Stills missing the game was a great thing for you guys. You have a monster at wr now. Looks to be the best wr of this draft class so far, with Benjamin next in line.

2) Brees was Brees. Aside from the pick, he looked like his usual self all night.

3) Mark Ingram. Must be a contract year because he actually came to play. I know he's been a disappointment to you up until now.

4) Graham didn't look his usual self, but he was consistent and made the first downs when needed.

5) Offense as a whole: looked great. There wasn't a ton of flashy plays, but the ball was moved consistently and first downs were plentiful. No real flaws to be seen.

Now for the meh..

1) Defense as a whole: yuck. You have a top notch offense with a bargain bin defense. This was the case yesterday at least.

2) Zone coverage definitely doesn't suit your players.

I won't keep on with the negatives. You saw the same game.

Good game guys

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our defense wasn't any better that's for sure.

They couldn't get pressure, and when they did brees ran out of the pocket and made a play.

our secondary did fairly well considering pressure to the QB was nearly non existent.

But we need to get better up front for sure.

Our LBs can be pretty good if our DLine can apply pressure on a constant basis.

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Saints D Line NON Existent

no adjustments by Rob Ryan

giving the Falcon receivers 15 yard cushions instead of pressing at the line

led to Matt cutting us up in easy passes behind the linebackers

the blazers catching the ball and being totally up to speed by the time they hit our safeties

23 missed tackles a few plays with 4

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