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Former Members Rolling In Their Afmb Graves

Magic Man

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Yesterday Matt Ryan did something that I'm sure caused a lot of the former members, who were lost in the Great Troll-Purge of 2014 to roll in their collective graves.

Matt Ryan did it all...all the things they liked to say he couldn't:

-9/11 on balls traveling 15+ yards

-Made plays with his feet to avoid pressure and pick up first downs

-He was decisive and, for the most part, pinpoint with his accuracy.

-he outplayed one of their slobberfest guys in Drew Brees

I'm not gonna say he's arrived and he's elite or any of that, but what I can say is if Ryan continues this all year... He's finally the QB that we were all wishing for.

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Well, you did click your way into this thread.

You do realize that if you go with that premise, then you are also stating that you and any others that have clicked on this thread are obsessed, which would prove my point?

I do not agree with your premise, but hey, thanks for agreeing with me that these dudes are obsessed.

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You spend years and years, surrounded by loud, annoying, people, that tick you off to no end. After a long time, you are able to be in a position, where you no longer are stuck being around them. However, after years of being around these people, they have left an obvious impression on you. You continue to talk to your good friends about how bad these guys, that you used to have to deal with, were. Everybody has people that they didn't like, and still don't, that they talk to others about. This isn't hard to comprehend. It's usually the bad ones, that leave the most lasting impressions, unfortunately.

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