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How Did You Feel When?


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wait you were table dancing? and I missed it? awww man!


good to see you ma'am! beein missing you around here!


It's SO good to be back around here. Everyone thinks I took a break because we had a bad season ... but it wasn't that, it was starting a new job and having to throw myself into that last fall. That's all settled down now, and I am pumped for football again.

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There was screaming. And jumping on a table. And a little dancing when I worked out the new OT rules in my head and realized we were already in Bryant's range.

Lol yea that holy **** moment as my brain processed the information.

Unfortunately after the coin toss I went outside because I knew it was over. I heard my wife screaming and came running in like I was going to rescue a baby from a fire

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