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Rapheal Bush. Mouth Wrote A Check That His Team Couldnt Cash.


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I didnt hear Bush's name all game. He was a no show. And Matty Ice gashed their defense for **** near 500 yards. Says alot about their secondary and who the real big brother is.

I was thinking the same thing then checked the box score. He had 7 tackles but I don't remember when they came lol. I honestly forgot about him. I was more concerned with Byrd and Vaccaro. I didn't even hear Vaccaro's name called that much come to think of it
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It was 20-10 saints at one point ended up being 34-37 falcons

Outscored 27-14 in the second half nearly 600 total yards of offense the saints were clearly getting outplayed had Julio not had that fumble the falcons may have really whipped the saints once they took control the saints had no answer for our offense

And we probably could of had another TD on either of the last drives if needed so the point margin may have even been bigger than that there defense isn't nearly as good as they though.

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