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Saints Report Quotes Regarding Game


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Stop worrying about Seattle. We're not there yet. Garbage Matt Ryan got 400 on us. Our D gotta get better.

If he is garbage, then I guess you guys are the bottom dwellers of the league on D. Could have sworn I was told otherwise about your D.

Atrocious D today. Never gonna win giving up 37 points and nearly 600 yards of offense.

Even tho we were always in it, we deserved to lose that game. Use it at a teaching lesson.

Cant be that bad against a team that won't finish .500

Let me know how that "that team wont finish .500" works out for ya in December.

Pass rush was horrific today. How did we not have 8 sacks against that line?

From what I understand on Swamp Daily, you guys are world beaters on the Dline. This was without Matthews, too....FAIL.

Bottom line is our DBs couldn't hang with their WRs.

There may be intelligence somewhere down there, maybe.

We win that game in the Dome and to be fair we probably win if Colston doesn't get stripped.

Yeah, you are right. Julio didn't get stripped near the goal line giving you a TD drive. This doesn't equal out. Good point, loser.

I don't think they took Hester serious enough. With that said I can live with an OT loss at their house. They made the plays that they had too which they usually don't.

To be fair, neither did this board. Dude was balling in TC.


Good read, would read again.

Letting their WRs run free through our secondary playing zone coverage when we have a bunch of man specialist corners was a pretty dumb gameplan IMO.

To be honest, good luck to anyone trying to stifle them. This is the best WR corps I can ever remember us having. Amsterdam waiting patiently wink.png

Not ready? They're so far from ready I don't even know what to say. Absolutely HIDEOUS defense. They got one good play from Byrd in the first half... Then pretty much nothing.

This was the worst defensive performance I've seen in a very long time. You'd have to go back to the early days of the Spags disaster to see something similar.

There are no words to explain the disappointment I feel in this defense today. I keep trying to hang my hat on something positive, but there's nothing there to.

At the end of the game on the last drive our players kept running out of bounds, and running out of bounds. I was screaming, begging them to stop doing that. Saved the clowns WAY too much time to score.

Then our defense all they had to do was make a play there to make up for the horrid nightmare we all got to witness in the game up to that point. Instead they followed that up with yet another epic failure.

I have to be honest, I'm not sure how you fix a defense that bad. How to you get guys to cover people? Why was byrd 800 yds deep letting guys run free across the middle??? Where was the pass rush that was supposed to be so much better this year?? Yea, there was some holding going on that wasn't called, but make no mistake, we couldn't generate anything against a beat up, not very good, clowns oline. Embarrassing to say the least. One sack, by Walker. A fumble caused by Byrd. Then NOTHING.

So much to fix, and we are already in the season. This might be another one of those years where we have to out score everyone constantly, and sorry to say that's not going to lead us to another super bowl. Massively disappointing.

I have seen post after post and article after article stating how their Safeties are better than ours, they have "shutdown" CB, they are better all around in every facet. I'm not going to go there. I will just say that we won, simple.

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By far the best quote on their boards. Fantastic. laugh.png

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