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Our Lbs And Can We Run The Football?


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Hey guys.....

I am geting jacked up for this thang to start!

I have 2 questions that are going to be the key as to how good or bad we are going to be this year.

1st....Our LBs. I see we run a 4-2-5 base D. So....Worrilow and Bartu. They were undrafted FA's just a year ago?

Is there talent or is it just heart? If these guys are really that great...given the Dline depth and the secondary depth...I think the D will be just fine.

2nd....the running game. Everyone know we can throw the heck out of the ball....particularly with a healthy Julio. But....our running game? The oline must make it happen and SJax has got to start producing. I really miss Turner...I know a lot of you did not care for him....but the dude gave us all he had...he just ran out of gas.

If the above 2 things pan out for us and Julio stays healthy....I see a 10+ win team.

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1. Yeah they both seem to have real good instincts for the game. Worrilow is actually already the Green Dot. He's looked outstanding.

2. It's something we have really worked hard to get fixed. I think we'll be "content" with the running game. It might take a few weeks for it to truly get going. It lives and dies with the line.

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