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Football Season Silly Prayer

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Every season My Father and I pray a silly prayer to the "Football Gods" and watch the first Falcons game of the season together. We have done this for over 10 years now!

Last year I did the same prayer on here and I will continuethe tradition today.

So please join me in my silly little prayer today for our Atlanta Falcons!

Oh Football Gods...

We the disciples of the Atlanta Falcons pray to you today for a glorious victory of our hated enemies the new orleans saints. The false prophets of the swamps do not believe in your greatness and insted preach lies that you do not exsist.

We believe you sent your prophets Matt Ryan and Julio Jones to us to smite the swamp rats and the demon bucs for us. We pray to you today for a safe game for our team and meny points scored by Atlanta!

In your holy names amen!

P.S sorry for the miss-spellings I'm on my phone.

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