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Sean Payton And The Saints Players Recognize Julio's Greatness

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Noticing that the Saints have been scouring every single piece of info possible on us. I heard on the radio that Sean has been watching Hard Knocks to get any kind of competitive advantage.

Which is why the staff personally watched every episode before it aired to cut out anything that could remotely give another team an edge. They couldn't stop our receiving corps if they tried anyway.

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But but but I thought the saints put Lewis on him and he shut him down............

I guess Ryan is just wrong huh??

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan: "He really is a fantastic football player. I think he caught seven balls on us on the first game last year, and we had him doubled every time. He's a terrific football player. He looks like he's at full speed on the four minutes I saw on 'Hard Knocks.' He looked really good on it.""

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Did anyone feel like the last episode might have had some info Sean was looking for? I'm referring to the Ryan and WR meeting when they were going over situational routes.

I'm hoping as they were going through that scene they were actually showing something different on the projector. I'm sure they couldn't pick up much but we all know in this game you have to win the moments. There will be four or five game altering moments and the Saints practice against those moments. I read an article where Sean said exactly that. He said this game always comes down to a few plays, fourth down plays, crucial stops etc. They spend a lot of time specifically on those moments. I know we do too so it's put up or shut up time, Rise Up and beat down the Saints!

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