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What Are Your Thoughts On Kimberly Hart > Kelly Kapowski?

The Shotfather

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I didn't even realize Jennifer Lawrence was on a TV show. Bill Engvall huh? Who knew. Clearly she's smoking but I wouldn't have known until someone told me.

I'm still taking Kelly Kapowski over Kelly Bundy.

However, Alyssa Milano was and still is the SHIZZLE! Sam Macelli went from tomboy to smoking hot in two seasons. I can't really hate on that pick.

I'm going to throw Lisa Turtle, Nicole Eggert on Charles in Charge and Denise Huxtable into the mix as well.

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No....I'm just not in the loop. I just barely remembered that they had dated.

There is a comedy station in Denver that was playing alot of his stuff a few months ago. On of his bits was about how he was only touring again cause his wife took everything. That's only reason I know of it, and now that I think more about it, he may not have actually ever married Nikki Cox. I'm certainly not a Bobcat Goldswaith historian.

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