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Atlanta's Running Back Situation


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I've never been more excited with our run game. I think most people see Steven Jackson starting and getting all the carries. I think the complete opposite will happen. I see the falcons running by committee this year.

This is the deepest our RB group has been in years. If we constantly switch out our RB's we will wear down the other teams defenses. This will also limit the risk of SJ getting injured and we can use him in goal line situations and late in the game.

We all want to see more Antoine Smith. He is so explosive and is always just one block away from taking it to the house. Even if SJ breaks a tackle the defenders will catch him within 20 yds. Antoine will take it to the house.

I'd love to see Quizz later on in the games when the defense is tired, he is quick enough to cause problems but is so shifty that a lazy tackle will miss him every time. He also rarely fumbles and this is something I want late in a game. Between SJ smashing the defense late and subbing quizz in to get us the first down I think we can be very effective.

Then of course we have freeman. I loved what I saw from him in preseason. The Falcons like to run "21" personnel (two running backs and one tight end). This could mean we could have smith and freeman in the game at the same time. Most teams have one good to decent LB who can cover. So that may take out one of them but the other one will be a mismatch. Odds are one of them will get open and make the other team pay.

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