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As if we need another reason to hate Warren Sapp. His "Bold Prediction" for this season is: The Atlanta Falcons will go 4-12 again this season. Never liked this guy anyway. Granted, last year was rough, but 4-12 again? I think that was just taking a shot at Falcon fans, not an actual prediction. But, considering the source, who knows?

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Sapp is a circus bear and the NFL Network is pretty much a joke. I'm surprised the league has such a clown shoe network as the face of the NFL.

The NFL isn't as together as they would like for you to believe.

Remember that NFL magazine they started promoting around Thanksgiving 2 years ago?

I was the only outside illustrator ever hired to create work for the magazine.

The NFL gave the design job to a company in Canada that had virtually NO EXPERIENCE putting together a magazine.

I had to threaten to sue them to get paid for my work.

The magazine folded after about 5 issues...the Official Magazine of the National Football League.

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