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Brent (D.u.i. Killer) To Return To Cowboys This Season!


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The NFL has will allow Josh Brent, the Cowboys defensive lineman who killed teammate Jerry Brown while driving drunk, to return to the Cowboys this year. But Brent isn’t eligible just yet.

Brent cannot play until Week 11. He is retired for the first 10 games of the season.





Former Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent has ended his retirement. The league, however, hasn’t.

Brent won’t be reinstated for 10 weeks. Brent’s agent, Peter Schaffer, tells PFT that Brent will appeal the decision.

“We are going to invoke our appeal right,” Schaffer said by phone. “We were truly hoping that the Commissioner’s response to Josh’s request for reinstatement would be one that we wouldn’t have to appeal, and that it would be fair and based on precedent. The last thing we thought we’d have to do today would be appeal the decision.”

Schaffer pointed to the only other recent case involving a player found responsible for DUI resulting in death: former NFL receiver Donte’ Stallworth.

“It was the same exact situation,” Schaffer said. “Both were tragic and unfortunate. Stallworth received a 16-game suspension. I base everything on precedent. The precedent was set. But Josh will serve a 30-game suspension.”

That calculation treats Brent’s placement on the non-football injury/list list and his 2013 retirement as de facto suspensions. While it’s unclear whether the NFL would have suspended Brent in 2013 while he was awaiting trial, Brent’s retirement allowed the NFL to avoid a very delicate situation.

“It’s important that Josh voluntarily retired,” Schaffer said. “He could have forced the NFL to go through a tremendous amount of scrutiny for allowing him to play pending trial or for attempting to suspend him before he had been proven guilty. Where’s the incentive for someone to do that in the future? Giving him twice what Stallworth received doesn’t seem to be acknowledge that.”

The procedure moving forward isn’t clear, given that Brent technically hasn’t been suspended. Instead, his reinstatement has been delayed. Schaffer believes that Brent should be allowed to play pending the appeal.

NFL penalties are a joke and players gets away with murder. Jerry Jones should be ashamed of himself.

But winning a game is more important that keeping this ahole off the streets.

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Hey moron.

He did his time.

2 to 20 years

Intoxication Manslaughter: Second degree felony, not less than 2 years or more

than 20 years and may be fined not more than $10,000.

TX Penal § 12.33.

On January 24, 2014, Josh Brent was found guilty of intoxication manslaughter in the death of Jerry Brown and sentenced to 180 days in jail and 10 years probation.

sorry how did he serve his time? that is a joke of a sentence.

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People that drink and drive get no sympathy from me. He may have "served" his time, but a man is dead because of his stupidity. 2 years is no where near long enough. Jones probably gave the Juge some season tickets one of them nice suites.

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I remember when Cowboys protested when he even stood on the sidelines after it happened. Then Jones kept him off the sidelines.

Now turn the page and Jones is welcoming him back, probably even give him a raise. Lets see how many cowboys put morals above winning a football game. Or how many turn hypocrite and forgive and forget because the need D help.

If Vick could catch crap for fighting dogs, this guy took a life being stupid. Then couldn't even take responsibility and get off drugs. he goes and Fails mandatory drug tests for the courts.

You push a female and you get 9 weeks suspended. You drink and drive and kill someone you get 10 weeks off. Yep NFL has rules issues. If there is 1 thing that deserves to be banned for life. This is it.

If Goodell wants to save face, this is the case where he should make a example out of someone, commit this crime that and it wont be tolerated. Only person who did worse recently was the chief who killed his girl and himself.

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I'm not mad at Brent or Jerry Jones. He went through the system and took responsibility, now he should be able to do whatever his probation allows; if that's playing professional football, so be it.

He went through the red light, he went passed the speed limit sighs etc. He was probably impaired when he took responsibility so that doesn't count.

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