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Nfl Predictions

Knight of God

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1. New England (1): Yaaawn. At this point, a 12th consecutive season with double-digit wins is taken for granted.

2. Miami: The Dolphins have enough talent to make a playoff run, but improvement by third-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill and an overhauled offensive line is a must.

3. New York Jets: Rex Ryan is a good head coach, but this roster smacks of a fourth consecutive season without a winning record.

4. Buffalo: Second-year quarterback E.J. Manuel still looked like a rookie during the preseason and recently signed veteran Kyle Orton isn’t the answer under center.


1. Cincinnati (2): This is the division’s most complete team – and one poised to finally win in the postseason after three consecutive first-round losses.

2. Baltimore (6): Re-tooling the offense should push the Ravens back into the postseason for the sixth time in seven years.

3. Pittsburgh: The Steelers fell just short of the playoffs in 2013. Expect the same this season without significant defensive improvement, especially in the secondary.

4. Cleveland: Playoffs? Ha! Progress will be marked by whether the Browns can win more than five games for the first time since 2007.


1. Indianapolis (4): Thanks to quarterback Andrew Luck, the Colts will make the playoffs. How far Indianapolis advances depends on improvement in the ground game and run defense.

2. Tennessee: Quarterback Jake Locker has quietly enjoyed a quality preseason. This is a dark-horse playoff contender if he stays healthy and the Titans improve upon a shaky preseason defensive effort.

3. Jacksonville: The Jaguars are still a year away from being a bona fide playoff contender. But at least Jacksonville has found its franchise quarterback in rookie Blake Bortles.

4. Houston: A defense led by J.J. Watt and rookie Jadeveon Clowney should be downright nasty. It had better be based upon how shabby Houston is shaping up to be on offense.


1. Denver (3): For 42 years, no team that suffered a Super Bowl loss has rebounded to win a championship the following season. The high-powered Broncos have a legitimate shot at ending the streak.

2. San Diego (5): A second-round playoff appearance last season wasn’t a fluke. The Chargers will push Denver for AFC West supremacy.

3. Kansas City: Offense usually isn’t a concern on an Andy Reid-coached squad. It is for the 2014 Chiefs because of a leaky offensive line and shaky wide receiver corps.

4. Oakland: Whether it’s Matt Schaub or Derek Carr at quarterback, the Raiders don’t have enough horsepower to compete for a playoff spot.


1. Philadelphia (2): The success of head coach Chip Kelly and quarterback Nick Foles in 2013 wasn’t a fluke.

2. Washington: The Redskins are an under-the-radar playoff contender provided first-year Redskins head coach Jay Gruden can get quarterback Robert Griffin III back on track.

3. Dallas: The Cowboys could lead the league in scoring and points allowed. That forebodes yet another 8-8 kind of season.

4. New York Giants: Despite going 5-0, no club is hoping its preseason is an aberration more than the punch-less Giants.


1. Green Bay (4): On paper, this is the deepest and most complete team the Packers have fielded since their Super Bowl-winning squad of 2010.

2. Chicago: There’s lot to like on offense, but the Bears have too many questions on defense and a brutal backup situation behind injury-prone quarterback Jay Cutler.

3. Detroit: The Lions will be a better team under first-year head coach Jim Caldwell, but not good enough for the postseason.

4. Minnesota: The Vikings could surprise with a healthy roster but it’s hard to get too excited until either Matt Cassel or Teddy Bridgewater proves a difference-maker at quarterback.


1. New Orleans (1): With the way the Saints are looking, Mardi Gras might not be the only big party this February in New Orleans.

2. Carolina (6): The Panthers will be forced to lean even heavier on their defense until solutions are found for offseason losses at wide receiver and along the offensive line.

3. Atlanta: The same problems from last season with the pass rush and running game remain worrisome in 2014.

4. Tampa Bay: If the offense gets its act together, the Buccaneers will make a playoff push in Lovie Smith’s first year as head coach.


1. Seattle (3): The Seahawks are in much better position talent-wise to repeat as Super Bowl champions than the previous two winners (Baltimore and the New York Giants).

2. San Francisco (5): The nine-game Aldon Smith suspension is another blemish in what so far has proven a brutal offseason for the 49ers.

3. Arizona: The Cardinals must overcome three major defensive losses in their front seven to leapfrog the Seahawks and 49ers.

4. St. Louis: The Rams’ chances of breaking a decade-long streak without a playoff appearance plummeted earlier this month when quarterback Sam Bradford suffered a season-ending knee injury.

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I think all the predictions of us having another bad year are warranted. Until we go out there and win some games and prove that last year was only an injury riddled aberration we deserve what we get. I have no problem with people counting us out right now. I actually prefer it that way.

Edit: I also believe in my bones that Carolina will take a step back this year. With Cam being injured with multiple different ailments and that OLine and receiving corps I just really feel they fall back to around 8-8. I could be wrong, but that is how I feel.

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I don't think 4-12 is warranted. As some douches have said lol If you wanna see the product before breaking 8-8, fine but this team will definitely be much improved over last years, barring injuries.

Well yeah bro, Warren Sapp is just a Buc homer douche. He's just a joke all around. I just laugh at what he says. What was written in this article is definitely warranted in my opinion though. He basically said what I said, go out, stay healthy, and we'll shoot up the rankings.

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Still not sure why people are not more optimistic.


1. Matt Ryan is officially reaching QB peak years and this can be seen just watching HK.

2. Both RW and JJ enter this season healthy and really have major depth here and RW will be used from the slot much like Jerry Rice was, about **** time.

3. We have a veteran center, 2 serviceable or better tackles, a **** good guard and one solid veteran one

4. We are really talented at the RB positions.

5. We are moving away from a TE focus in the offense so be prepared to see more vertical plays and with a revamped offensive line and solid depth at wr this will be our most dangerous scoring passing game.


1. This is the first non undersized defensive line we will be using in the Mike Smith era with a few serviceable pass rusher in passing situations from the outside.

2. While Worrilow is no where near the monster I would like him to be, he by far the best middle LB we have had in years and quite frankly as little as spoon has played in years its safe to say that Shembo or Bartu would be a upgrade over a mike Peterson or an Akeem Dent like we have had to trot out there in the past in crucial games.

3. Since 2008 I have witnessed some of the grandest **** ups in coverage's on the left side of our secondary. At first it was all Chris Houston's fault, then Daunta's finally the front office finally released our free safety who was always the underlying issue. Anyone who replaces Decoud may never have his physical ability or even big play ability but you can expect teams to have to drive down the field more and score on less breakdowns in coverage this year.

While I am not saying this team will win the superbowl, but this team is hugily improved and judging by our schedule being a bit easier than 2013 and how competitive we where in most games except the Seahawk one last year.

you guys should be foaming at your mouth with excitement, and not only that we play the team that everyone are vastly overrating this season. While the Saints are quality team they are in fact beatable, they have weaknesses.

They have a fresh center and the Offensive line wasn't that solid last year anyway. Like Ryan, Drew Brees makes them look good, but Drew Brees is a time bomb, one of his first abilities to decline as he ages will be his pocket movement will this be the year/ I don't know we will see Payton was sure to keep him on the sideline as much as possible this preseason

while the Saints offense is good other than Jimmy Graham their receivers have mostly benefited from schemes and playing team who lack secondary depth to keep all the above average weapons in check, well guess what guys we no longer have a Franks or a Decoud for these guys to target.

This is going to be a great season to be a Falcon fan, I don't know how far we are going to go but Blank, TD and Smith are putting a **** of a product on the field this year and I for one can't wait.

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The problem is one of casual observers. They see us not addressing the pass rush, getting a few linemen, and picking up a 4th round RB and add to it us losing Tony Gonzalez and Sean Weatherspoon, and they assume we'll be the same, maybe slightly better, possibly worse.

They don't see that the running game was a problem due to poor line play, which was addressed at 2 positions (arguably 3 since we have solidified the C position since the middle of last season) not to mention the improvement of Holmes, the run defense AND the pass rush were hindered by a lack of inside pressure which we addressed with 2 solid FA pickups and a good high draft pick, plus we get Peters back, etc. They don't see the improvement because they are seeing symptoms where the team is actually fixing the cause -- poor line play on both sides of the ball. They think adding a pass rusher, a RB and a tight end would address our problems, when the fact is those weren't really the problem at all. Add to that the fact that we've added a huge weapon in Hester, we'll have our entire WR corps healthy and hopefully our starting RB will see the field more, and we should see significant improvement. Perhaps not playoff level improvement, but the team should win 8 games regardless.

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Why does nobody do a round-up of these things after the season?

My "surprise" team to fall like we did: The 49ers.


They could not score in the preseason. Their best pass rusher is out for 9 games and their run game is dead.



They needed the greatest QB season of all time to get their last year. Also Peyton is 39 years old. At some point all QBs just stop performing. Not that it will happen this year but to repeat all that is a tall order.

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