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How To Get Your Free Afmb Shirt This Sunday


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Hey Guys - Falconwhit here. As I mentioned in previous posts, I wanted to give back to AFMB members with a batch of free AFMB shirts to show my appreciation for the best board in the country.


I thought it would be easiest to tell you guys exactly where to pick up a free AFMB shirt this Sunday if you're coming to the game, especially if you'd like a convenient place to tailgate as well.

Here are directions, I'm a very short walk from the Dome:

How to Get a Free AFMB Shirt

If you're going to the Saints game on Sept. 7th and would like a free AFMB shirt and a beer (if you're of legal age), come see me at my tailgate spot which is on Northside Drive, just north of the Dome. I'll have shirts in sizes XL and Large that I'll be giving away on a first-come basis between 11am - 12:30pm. I won't be able to reserve shirts.

I'll be in the Bethune Elementary School parking lot between 11am - 12:30pm which is located on Northside Drive at the corner of Thurmond Street just down the hill from the Dome going North on Northside Drive:

•From the Dome walk north on Northside Drive down the hill

•Look for Thurmond Street on the left and Bethune Elementary parking lot is right there

•I’m on the row at the top, right next to the front of the school

•Look for Space #5: a black 4-runner with a tall flag pole with 2 Falcons flags

Get a shirt, have a beer and let's talk about the Falcons!



Go Falcons.....

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