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Coaches And Ap Polls 9/2/2014


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new polls just came out..


In the coaches poll UGA moved up from 12 to 8 and picked up a 1st place vote. 3 other teams received 1st place votes that's fsu with 57, oregon with 2, and oklahoma sooners with 2. south carolina fell to 21st while clemson fell to 24th and a&m moved up to 13th..

In the AP Poll UGA moved up to 6 from 12 and picked up 2 first place votes. 6 other teams received first place votes that's fsu with 56, alabama with 1, oregon with 5, oklahoma with 2, texas a&m with 2, and lsu with 1. texas a&m moved up to 9th while south carolina fell to 21st and clemson fell to 23rd. it's early and these rankings don't mean a ton, but it's just interesting to see perception nonetheless after 1 week.

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There's one thing that has always bothered me about the polls. If they are ranked high in the preseason, they almost NEVER go down after week 1 unless they lost. Fl St barely squeezed by an unranked Ok St, and their defense gave up twice as much as they did per game last season. Ala didn't look very good against WV either. Or, Ok, and Au looked great, but there was no way for them to move up without a top 2 team losing against very weak opponents. It's silly. If there was no preseason ranking, they would not be 1-2 this week. Period.

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