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How Do We Attack The Saints


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Looking at the Saints roster, as everyone knows, the birds are going to have their hands full.

Keeping brees under check goes without saying. He's fearless and accurate. Smiths philosophy in the past is "brees is going to do his thing". We can't let brees do his thing.

Colston and Graham are easy first downs and tds. Stills is an explosive play waiting to happen, and cooks will be a wild card. I doubt he'll be a huge factor but I wouldn't be surprised if they sneak him out there and he takes a screen to the house.

Hopefully the confidence in Kroy pays off and we can keep some pressure on brees. Though I doubt he'll have much success against strief.

However on the other side is their 2013 3rd rounder armstead who everyone's pretty high on. He played a little last year if I recall correctly and wasn't that great but has had a great preseason. He's very athletic but still young. Maybe Osi has some old man tricks up his sleeve to spook him.

Grubbs had some injury concerns earlier in the month but I guess that's cleared up. Evens is healthy. Their center may cause them some trouble. I thought I heard goodwin had been cut I'm not sure. He's old as dirt anyways but was a top ranked center a couple of years ago and is brees' o.g. snapper. Lelito isn't bad. I haven't heard much of him, but this is a shaken up line and could help us bring pressure.

On defense their safeties are (rc shout out) ridiculous. They also have a great corner in Lewis. There's a huge drop off after that in the secondary but Ryan will struggle if he tries to fire away.

Our best shot on offense is attack their weak linebackers. Lofton is a solid player, Hawthorne was supposed to be good but for the most part, their linebackers are just guys.

With screens and runs I think we'll hurt them on the line. If we're forced to throw our line will be tested and will probably fail. Hicks is a force and Jordan is all power. Gallette swoops in and cleans up qbs who run from jordan so ryan won't have time to think about what he's having for dinner.

We're going to have to play perfect football to beat these guys.

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Guest Negatorris

I think spreading the ball will be key. Hester and HD should be free multiple times underneath for easy gains and I think Toilolo can find openings against their LBs. In the red zone, they have nobody physical enough to contain LT or JJ. Screens should be run often to slow down their pass rush. Freeman AMD Smith need adequate touches.

Defensively, we need those big boys up front to show out. Stop their offense comes right down to our DL play. If we are soft up front get ready for a long day. We cannot lose the battle at the line and allow Brees to get comfy or we're through. It doesn't matter how good Alford and Trufant are now, winning this game starts with us being able to get Skidmark off his spot. The Seahawks laid out a pretty good game plan on making Graham a non factor. Our LBs will have their hands full.

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